How We Work

For those not certain of their ultimate objectives, we explore the range of opportunities available, searching for the “perfect” match between the potential of the candidate and the promise of the institution. For those candidates who know where they would like to go, we help position them most effectively to attain admission at the appropriate schools.

Achieving the suitable match between candidate and school requires insight into young people and a comprehensive knowledge of today’s educational environment. Drawing on expertise derived through decades of working with schools and students, the professionals at Robinson/Scholastic Objectives enable families to clarify their educational goals and take the steps necessary to realize them.


Advantages to Students

As educators, we will help you…
• Evaluate and prioritize your course work, test scores & independent activities.

• Formulate a school & college index that accents academic opportunities & career implications.

• Prepare for school visits, formal applications & essay writing.

We understand students from having lived on campuses with them - teaching, coaching & counseling - in the types of school they will be researching.

Advantages to Parents

We are parents too. We can help you…
• Motivate your child & individualize their admissions search.

• Answer procedural questions & give candid student assessments.

• Save time and energy by organizing & shepherding your child’s search.

We discern school and college culture from having been valued ambassadors and representatives in these institutions.


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