College & Secondary School Admissions

It is a truism that the admissions process at all levels of education is more complex and competitive than ever. For high school, a decision once defined by neighborhood or family tradition has become driven by less accountability in schools and the changing needs and interests of today’s teens. At the university level, an explosion in the number of people applying has forced candidates to look further and further afield. With traditional “name” schools choked by myriad new--and competent--applicants, it is difficult first to sort through the marketing “buzz” to find the right school and then to distinguish oneself in order to gain admission.

Robinson/Scholastic Objectives LLC offers families a compass. We give direction and guidance that enables students to navigate the maze of educational opportunities confronting them. First, we introduce candidates to destinations they might not have considered previously. Then, having broadened their horizons, we help them plot precisely the course they need to attain their educational goals

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